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Your main research responsibilities will be involved in a project “Nano-structured bone graft substitute (NanoScaff)” which is funded by RCN grant no. 228415. The aim of the project is to enhance the mechanical and osteogenic properties of ceramic TiO2 bone scaffolds previously developed by BIOMAT and Corticalis AS. The main objective is to create a nanostructured surface which allows the anchorage of bioactive molecules on to the scaffold surface to induce enhanced bone response. Therefore, it will be important to identify the optimal combination of surface properties and biomolecular modifications to provide optimal environment for bone growth and implant integration within the host tissues.


We are looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers with interest in experimental studies of cell-material interactions. In particular we are currently recruiting persons with experience in
• in vitro culturing of bone cells
• Imaging, confocal microscopy in particular
• Experience with qRT-PCR and immunoassays
Note, that a strong cell biology background is required if you have the second set of skills. You are expected to be involved in all parts of the project, such as: experimental design, sample design and preparation, data acquisition and analysis, publications and grant applications. Co-supervision of Ph.D. students and M.Sc. thesis students as well as attending international conferences and meetings is required.

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Post doc position Protein-Surface Interactions

Project: The position is associated with Protein-Surface Interactions

We are looking for highly motivated and competent candidates with broad experience in/knowledge of  protein chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, biophysics or equivalent.

The applicant will be involved in a project “Controlled host body response from biomaterials through intrinsically disordered proteins interaction (IDP)” which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council grant no. 231530. Unstructured, or disordered, regions of proteins have recently been shown to play an important role in modulating immune reactions. Our aim is to investigate the role of IDPs in adverse immune reactions and surface recognition at the cell-material interface. Interactions between specific IDP sequences and material surface candidates based on both chemical and nanotopographical modification will be modelled and tested experimentally to provide novel strategies for utilising surface recognition events to improve biomaterial performance in vivo. This knowledge is expected to form the basis for developing innovative methods for controlling host body response towards biomaterials and perfecting implant surfaces.  A strong focus will also be on research exchange between the Oslo team and the collaborating partners to provide top-notch training for the involved researchers.

The fellowship period is up to 3 years. No one can be appointed for more than one specified period at the same institution.

The main purpose of post-doctoral research fellowships is to qualify researchers for work in higher academic positions within their disciplines.

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OMG - We're handing out money :) 

Travel scholarships are awarded to researchers with the member states of the SCSB (Scandinavia, Baltic states and Iceland) in the fields of Biomaterials to be used for shorter research stays within member countries.

You may apply for short research visits (2 weeks) in another country within Scandinavia, any amount up to the maximum limit of 20 000 SEK. The board will review the applications and recommend order of priority. There is no formal deadline, the applications are reviewed continuously.

Get more information here.

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The abstracts from Hafjell 2013 have been published at the eCM Journal.

You can download and read all the abstracts here

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Scsb's 7th annual conference!

The Scsb's 7th annual conference will be in Århus (Denmark), in March 2014. 

It will be hosted by Professor Duncan Sutherland at iNANO.

More information will follow!

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Then we have the following key not speakers ready for the event! We are very excited about this list of very interesting people! 
  • Prof. Alan Russell, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Prof. Peter Tompa, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Prof. Aldo Boccaccini, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/Imperial College
  • Assoc. Prof. Ólafur E. Sigurjónsson, Reykjavik University
  • Alamelu Sundaresan, Texas Southern Uni. /NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Jiří Vondrášek, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, Prague
  • Dr. Lutz-Christian Gerhardt, Philips Research, Eindhoven

by SCSB on September 27th, 2012

ScanBalt Forum & Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Days

Registration is now open for the 11th ScanBalt Forum, to be held in Tampere.
This year on 20-23 November, the Life Science community on Top of Europe will gather in Tampere Hall, Scandinavia’s largest Congress and Concert Centre, to exchange ideas and discuss the current state and future prospects of ScanBalt BioRegion.
The Forum is organised by the Baltic Institute of Finland together with Tampere University of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering and BioMediTech.

To register and find more information, please go to 

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Call for proposals to Hafjell 2013 is now open! Please check out the announcement her

Deadline for proposals is the 15th of December, remember to use the template for your proposal. 
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Welcome to the ScSB blogg. Please click on the RSS icon to be updated on what happens in the organisation, and within biomaterial research in Scandinavia.Welcome to the ScSB blogg. Please click on the RSS icon to be updated on what happens in the organisation, and within biomaterial research in Scandinavia.

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