Election of New Board Members 2022-2024

Election Process

The election of the Election of New Board Members for the period 2022-2025 will take place during the ScSB annual meeting in Latvia at the ScSB General Assembly on 14 June 2022, from 19.15 (EEST) to 20:00 (EEST). The results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

Who can vote?

An ScSB member who has a membership valid for the year 2022. To be eligible to vote, the member fulfils the following criteria is:
  • has registered before 20 May 2022 for the ScSB annual meeting in 2022
  • has paid the membership fees (15 Euros) before 20 May 2022 and covers the year 2022

How can I vote?

The election process will be run at the ScSB General Assembly meeting. Pigeonholelive online polling platform will be used for a simple, and fast process. Further instructions will be given at the meeting.

MOTIVAtion of Nominees
(By Alphabetic Order)

Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz
Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

CV_Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz.pdf
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"I am really honored to be nominated for the ScSB board. Biomaterials have been a very passionate area for me since I began my journey into the academic world as a young PhD student. It has been a long and windy path with lots of ups and downs. I would love to share these experiences with the next generation of biomaterials researchers and the ScSB community in general. If elected, I will do my best to put the ScSB in the spotlight via my tremendous network and strong social media profile. We are very active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and I could do a lot along these lines for the ScSB as well. I am a highly motivated teacher and believe the best way to learn your way through biomaterial science is via practical lessons. To this end, I would like to open the doors for interested ScSB PhD students to showcase to them the work we are doing in #TeamBioEngine. This could be done by ScSB sponsored workshops and summer schools. I believe a close interaction between the young members of ScSB and the more senior ones can assist them in their career development. As a member of ScSB, I would try to engage in such interactions with interested ScSB members. This could indeed promote a better PhD life as well since we all have struggled with similar issues during our careers."

CV_Giuseppe Schiavone.pdf
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“It is with enthusiasm that I propose my candidature to ScSB board membership. I am a newly appointed Principal Investigator in Norway. Being a driving part of the Society will enable me to envision new collaborative relationships between researchers and educators across the Scandinavian region. My line of research builds on interdisciplinary synergies that require a consortium of diverse expertise in technology, biology, chemistry, and various clinical specialities. Therefore, I firmly believe that the growth and impact of our scientific community can greatly benefit from a synergistic effort to create collaborative frameworks. To this end, I would like to offer my contribution by sharing my scientific and research management experience with society, with the hope of establishing an inclusive discussion platform where idea-sharing is encouraged by contributors of all disciplines. I am particularly interested in organising meetings and expert sessions (in any format) with the invited participation of leaders from academia, clinics, and the biotech and MedTech industry, specifically aimed at educating students and young scientists in the realm of translational research.”

Hanna Tiainen
Associate Professor, University of Oslo, Norway

CV_Hanna Tiainen.pdf
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" I have had the great pleasure to serve as an ScSB board member before, so I have a pretty good idea of what I would be getting involved with. During my previous stint on the board, I was involved in organising two annual ScSB meetings in Hafjell, as well as setting up the ScSB website and establishing the ScSB Facebook page as a platform to raise visibility and interest in ScSB activities. After a few years of reflection, I believe I have some fresh ideas on how to strengthen ScSB communication channels and foster networking among the ScSB members that I can bring along to the board with me. "

Hans Erling Skallevold
Dental Medical Student, University of Oslo, Norway

CV_Hans Erling Skallevold.pdf
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“As a fresh dental undergraduate-student, I was somewhat aimless and struggled to find my place among all the cavities and drilling. Once I was introduced to Biomaterials-classes, I was hooked by its charm of combining innovation with biology, chemistry and material science, to push medical sciences forward at record speed. If not for these classes and their educators, I would still be aimless. I want to provide students, of all sorts, the same opportunity to be spellbound by the field’s innovativeness and to grow as researchers.”