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EPIsode 1 - Monday 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 AT 15:00 CET

Science or gelato - is that the question?
Should I stay in academia or try the “real world”? Does a career in academia permanently close other doors? Is choosing to work in industry a point of no return for my career path? What options remain unexplored? These questions are more than familiar to every young scientist.

Two scientists with very different career paths will share their story and discuss these questions.

Dr Karlis Agris Gross - Riga Technical University
Dr Elli Käpylä - Aalto University

Episode 2 - Monday 6th december 2021 at 15:00 CET

Editor's pick
How do I get my articles published in the best journals? What do I need to write in the cover letter to get the editor’s attention? What does an editor of a journal even do, apart from “unfairly” rejecting my manuscripts without review? And what is the surest way to get my article rejected?

Two well-known biomaterials scientists and journal editors will  provide us a glimpse to the world of scientific publishing from the editor’s point of view.

Dr Marc Bohner – Editor for Acta Biomaterialia
Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini – Editor-in-Chief for Materials Letters

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what is the United north?

The YSF national chapters in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics have united their forces to create a webinar series that focuses on topics that are of particular interest to young early career scientists. United North is just what we decided to call ourselves for simplicity. Much snappier than "the region comprising the Nordic countries and the Baltic states". Our online events are all free of charge, and despite the name, also available for everyone outside the Northern corner of Europe.

Are you a young scientist and want to get involved in organising activities for your follow young scientists? Or do you have ideas for new topics we should cover in our webinar series? Please get in touch with one of the national chapter representatives of the United North!

National Chapter representatives for the united north

Jānis Ločs
YSF - Baltics
Janne Koivisto
YSF -  Finland
Hanna Tiainen
YSF - Scandinavia

ysf @ esb

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