Research Award for a contributor to Biomaterials

The ScSB research award recognizes the contribution of outstanding individuals that have made groundbreaking achievements that advance the field of biomaterials. Such achievements may include a new process, a new materials class, a test method, or other scientific or clinical developments that make a significant impact on the discipline of biomaterials science. The purpose is to support the ongoing growth and recognition of ScSB member researchers in the biomaterials field.
The ScSB welcomes the nomination of all researchers; established as well as young academics. The developments need to be based on achieved results, which the committee can assess.

Please feel free to email nomination committee members with nominations, or for further information.
If you have any questions regarding the reward, feel free to contact us by clicking the icon above!

Nomination Committee

Anna Finne Wistrand
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden /
Pekka Vallittu
Turku University, Finland


Selection process

  • Any researcher affiliated with a publicly funded research institution or governmental organisation, working in the field of biomaterials.
  • Candidate must be active in an ScSB member nation.
  • Candidates must have at least 5 years experience after completing their PhD.
  • The award will be presented to an individual investigator.
  • Institutions or organizations are not eligible.
  • Nominations are to be e-mailed to the President of society with a minimum of two recommendation letters from established biomaterials researchers.
  • There is no formal deadline, however nominations should be received by the president 3 months prior to the next ScSB annual meeting to be eligible to receive the award at that meeting. 
  • A CV should be submitted together with a statement outlining the contribution together with evidence from research publications. Please use this form.

Submission process


Candidates will be considered and evaluated by the ScSB board. Selection of the awardee will be made on the basis of the candidate’s accomplishments. Worthy candidates may be shortlisted for consideration for subsequent annual awards.
The selected candidate will receive the award during the annual meeting where he/she is welcomed to hold a 30 minutes award presentation on his/her current research.

Past winners of the ScSB award

Winner of ScSB2023

Professor Pekka Vallittu from University of Turku (Finland) was awarded at the  ScSB meeting in Røros, March 2023.

Winner of ScSB2019

Professor Heli Skottman from Tampere University (Tampere, Finland) was awarded at the ScSB meeting in Långvik in June 2019.

Winner of ScSB2016

Professor Jöns Hilborn from Uppsala University was awarded the 1st ScSB award at the 9th ScSB meeting in Reykjavík in June 2016.

Winner of ScSB2022

Professor Anna Finne Wistrand from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) was awarded at the ScSB meeting in Jurmala, June 2022.

Winner of ScSB2018

Professor S.Petter Lyngstadaas from University of Oslo was the third ScSB Awardee in Fiskebäckskil in April 2018.

Winner of ScSB2021

Professor Ann Wennerberg from University of Gothenburg (Sweden) was awarded at the virtual ScSB meeting in June 2021.

Winner of ScSB2017

Professor Pentti Tengvall from the University of Gothenburg was awarded for his excellence within the field in Hafjell in March 2017.