Post doc position Protein-Surface Interactions

Project: The position is associated with Protein-Surface Interactions

We are looking for highly motivated and competent candidates with broad experience in/knowledge of  protein chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, biophysics or equivalent.

The applicant will be involved in a project “Controlled host body response from biomaterials through intrinsically disordered proteins interaction (IDP)” which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council grant no. 231530. Unstructured, or disordered, regions of proteins have recently been shown to play an important role in modulating immune reactions. Our aim is to investigate the role of IDPs in adverse immune reactions and surface recognition at the cell-material interface. Interactions between specific IDP sequences and material surface candidates based on both chemical and nanotopographical modification will be modelled and tested experimentally to provide novel strategies for utilising surface recognition events to improve biomaterial performance in vivo. This knowledge is expected to form the basis for developing innovative methods for controlling host body response towards biomaterials and perfecting implant surfaces.  A strong focus will also be on research exchange between the Oslo team and the collaborating partners to provide top-notch training for the involved researchers.

The fellowship period is up to 3 years. No one can be appointed for more than one specified period at the same institution.

The main purpose of post-doctoral research fellowships is to qualify researchers for work in higher academic positions within their disciplines.

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