Postdoctoral Fellow in Cell Biology

Your main research responsibilities will be involved in a project “Nano-structured bone graft substitute (NanoScaff)” which is funded by RCN grant no. 228415. The aim of the project is to enhance the mechanical and osteogenic properties of ceramic TiO2 bone scaffolds previously developed by BIOMAT and Corticalis AS. The main objective is to create a nanostructured surface which allows the anchorage of bioactive molecules on to the scaffold surface to induce enhanced bone response. Therefore, it will be important to identify the optimal combination of surface properties and biomolecular modifications to provide optimal environment for bone growth and implant integration within the host tissues.


We are looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers with interest in experimental studies of cell-material interactions. In particular we are currently recruiting persons with experience in
• in vitro culturing of bone cells
• Imaging, confocal microscopy in particular
• Experience with qRT-PCR and immunoassays
Note, that a strong cell biology background is required if you have the second set of skills. You are expected to be involved in all parts of the project, such as: experimental design, sample design and preparation, data acquisition and analysis, publications and grant applications. Co-supervision of Ph.D. students and M.Sc. thesis students as well as attending international conferences and meetings is required.

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